"This is a GREAT dungeoncrawl!"

Bryce Lynch


"So layered, so dense, so much stuff going on."

RPG Overview




Dungeon Crawl in the Thirty Years' War


The Saint of Bruckstadt is a bizarrely baroque roleplaying adventure for up to 4 level 1-3 characters. The dungeon crawl, set during the Thirty Years' War, leads the players into the catacombs under the forgotten town of Bruckstadt.

The adventure was written with the Lamentations of the Flame Princess rulebook in mind, but is playable with any other old school rulebook.


What is it about?


Autumn 1631: Germany is gripped by a doomsday panic. Like wandering cities, armies and their retinue roam the countryside, devouring the granaries and robbing the farmers' livestock. In their wake: plague and famine. Large parts of the empire are depopulated, flourishing towns turn into charnel houses.

Bruckstadt has so far been spared by the war. Neither mercenary armies nor epidemics have reached the little town on the Katzbach. The inhabitants attribute this to the protection of Saint James, whom they honour every ten years with a festival. In 1631 it should have happened again, but the explosion of the town's powder store has buried the entrance to the saint's tomb.

The saint, the citizens are convinced, will therefore no longer hold his protective hand over Bruckstadt. Count Reuben Wolfsgrau is now looking for volunteers to help him find another way to the tomb of James. A way through the Roman catacombs, where dangers lurk from beyond the grave.





„Der Heilige von Bruckstadt ist abwechslungsreich und kann durch seinen offenen wie durchdachten Aufbau punkten."



"Fucking recommended."

Prince of Nothing




Gimme Facts!


  • 103 pages of dark fantasy packed between two A4 book covers.
  • 50 illustrations and 10 maps in old school style.
  • The forgotten county of Grenzland with 3 locations to explore: Wolfsmoor, Burial Mounds and ruin Aarhorst.
  • Detailed descriptions of the (bizarre) inhabitants of the town of Bruckstadt.
  • A dungeon with 150 chambers, spread over 5 areas.
  • Furthermore: A bag of new magic items, devastating grave curses, powerful music pieces of an ancient toad cult, deadly traps, lots of gold and a castle as a reward for saving Bruckstadt.


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