Baphomet's Son



"... the best in a long time, that any fan of Lotfp should pick up"

Age of Dusk


"Crunchy with a touch of madness"



"One of the best things for Lamentations published in many years now"

Bryce Lynch



On behalf of a secret society, the players search for an ancient relic that is said to be hidden under a dilapidated Templar courtyard in Nordhausen. In the musty tunnels, below, they find the remnants of the cult of Baphomet, brought from Jerusalem by the Templars centuries ago.

However, the demon once worshipped by the Templars is not what it seems. The dread idol hides otherworldly dangers, and what once evaded the flames of the Inquisition still awaits the return of its savior deep below.



"If your characters are to have a chance of mercy, they must earn it"

Moritz Mehlem


"It's deadly, it's a tough adventure with a great story in the background"

RPG Overview


Baphomet's Son is the second part of our dark adventure series set at the time of the Thirty Years' War. Besides a potentially deadly dungeon, the enemies are multifaceted and it is not always clear who is on whose side. There may even be danger from your own comrades - because once you descend into the musty tunnels, you rarely come back again as the same person.




"Crisp dungeon with an interesting story twist"

Nerds gegen Stephan




In our new book, we rely on accentuated splashes of color, not only on the cover, but also in the interior. This time we were able to win over the great Marianne Musek as illustrator, who has aptly captured the oppressive atmosphere in the contaminated tunnels with her ink drawings.

The English version of the adventure was written for Lamentations of the Flame Princess but is equally playable with any other old school rulebook.





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