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Gazer Press is a small indie publisher in Vienna, founded in 2021 to publish role-playing games. Our adventure volumes are inspired by classic fantasy, authors like Robert Howard, Fritz Leiber, H. P. Lovecraft and Jack Vance. But we are also inspired by literary stories outside the fantasy genre, such as Daniel Kehlmann's Tyll or Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, as well as cultural anthropology and historical reference books.

These classic, modern and scientific narratives are the tesserae from which we build our worlds. The often historical and thus seemingly familiar setting of the adventures is therefore deceptive. The world has dark corners and cracks at its edges through which fantastic horror can burst into the story at any time.

The Saint of Bruckstadt is our first adventure volume for OSR rulebooks.


Our philosophie


With our products we want to support creative role-playing. Therefore we always implement several options for completing the adventure. Failure is one of them. We keep our room descriptions short and crisp, because we believe that the game master should grasp the necessary information as quickly as possible in order to pass it on to the players in their own words. We think balancing is overrated. Adventures for level 1 characters do not guarantee that all enemies can be defeated with first-level PCs. Most are. For the rest it is crucial to recognise early enough when a fight is hopeless. Our adventures are no playgrounds for superheroes: Magic is a dangerous art, good and evil are matters of perspective, battles tend to be deadly. PCs dying is part of the game.

What is described above can be implemented splendidly in our game tables. However, we publish the books for you. You decide how far you want to get involved with the dark setting and the sometimes high level of difficulty and where you prefer to follow your own play style.

Regardless of the content of the adventure, the focus should always be on an exciting and inclusive gaming experience for your group.




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