Baphomets Sohn, book

Baphomets Sohn, book

SKU: 010

Hardcover, German

On behalf of a secret society, the players search for an ancient relic that is said to be hidden under a dilapidated Templar courtyard in Nordhausen. In the musty tunnels, below, they find the remnants of the cult of Baphomet, brought from Jerusalem by the Templars centuries ago. However, the demon once worshipped by the Templars is not what it seems. The dread idol hides otherworldly dangers, and what once evaded the flames of the Inquisition still awaits the return of its savior deep below.

The adventure involves 2-4 players in an infectious treasure hunt at the time of the Thirty Year's War. Compatible with Swords & Wizardry and other OSR rulebooks.

Note: On our website you can only buy the German version of the book. Get the English LotFP-compatible version on DTRPG!


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