The Saint of Bruckstadt, book + PDF

The Saint of Bruckstadt, book + PDF

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Bundle hardcover + PDF

A town in panic because an ancient burial ritual cannot be performed. A count in despair because his people have disappeared in recently broken catacombs. Something evil has awoken from its nightmares to punish.

The adventure takes 2-4 player characters to 17th century Germany scarred by the Thirty Years' War, where they encounter ancient horrors in search of a saint's tomb. A challenging adventure for fans of rapiers and pistols, end-times atmosphere and dungeons that do not forgive any mistakes.

Language: German or English

If you buy the bundle, we will send you the PDF after payment.

Note: If you order the book and don't have an Austrian, German or Swiss adress, you automatically get the English version. If you prefer the German version, just send us an additional e-mail.

The English version of the book is produced through Lulu for shipping reasons. Your order will be forwarded to Lulu, printing and shipping can take up to two weeks.


"This is a GREAT dungeoncrawl!"

Bryce Lynch


"Fucking recommended"

Prince of Nothing Blog


"So layered, so dense, so much stuff going on."

Brandon Goeringer



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